Sound designer Rune Sand






Damn Girl” is a coming-of-age story about 12-year-old girl, who has a hard time dealing with being female. She has built her own boyish universe in which she paints graffiti and roams around with her male friends. Aggressively she struggles to keep her emotions and her budding sexuality at a distance. Her best friend challenges her and that makes her go to even further extremes in order to keep her emotions at bay. She fights hard to sustain her position in the hierarchy amongst her homies.



Damn Girl” is a film about being young. The group of friends are at an age when it all seems possible. There seems to be no limits to what they can do, no real restrictions. It is all about impulsivity and having fun. There are no grown-ups in the film. It is night and they exist in their own magical world.

The film is also a portrait of a girl, Alex, who struggles with herself. She wants to fit in with the boys, but a lot of changes are taking place within and around her and she fights desperately to stay in control. I found it interesting, in this film, to explore the ambiguity of conflicting feelings. We see how subconscious yearnings don’t fit the image Alex attempts to project of herself and it lead to self-defying actions. Alex tries to navigate in this confusion and must make choices that will require of her to review everything in her world.